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Having renovated over $8.5 Million Dollars in Real Estate assets, Jessica is passionate about teaching others how to get their start in Real Estate Investing and build their legacy.
I was afraid to make my first move in Real Estate for so long until I learned the Business of Real Estate and how to set-up a system of success. Jessica help’s others to get their start in Real Estate Investing through collaboration and group economics. How I can inspire you?

How Jessica Can


What Clients Say

Instead of investing in 1 home, Jessica has shown me how to invest in several. She helped me find lending, a contractor, realtor, & home stager while I lived in another state. I’m now on my 4th investment home & I’ve had the opportunity to flip homes, own an Airbnb and buy a condo in New York with the success of my real estate investments.

Carolyn Githieya

Carolyn Githieya

Distribution Manager

Jessica is a powerhouse. She is focused, smart, generous with her time and knowledge, and above all
she is genuinely a great person to do business with because she is honest. As a woman wanting to
become an investor and educator of real estate investing, I am inspired by her work ethic every day.

Shebrelle Hunter-Green

Shebrelle Hunter-Green

Real Estate Broker

I personally struggle with self confidence as an entrepreneur & real estate investor, Jessica is constantly challenging me to elevate my thinking and see the strengths that I possess. She has helped me immensely to shift my mindset and keep going despite any challenges that I face. There is no other like Jessica Myers!

Andria George

Andria George

Jessica is a very gifted young lady. She’s very patient and smart.  She walks you step by step during the coaching process.  She gives you every resource that you need.  She explains things so well. Jessica is a people person. You get hands on experience. Jessica will help you step by step to open your business. She’s so awesome
Shanna Blocker

Shanna Blocker

Registered Respiratory Therapist
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